Moto G5 Headphone Jack Repair

If the sound from your computer or mobile device is hissing, crackling, or fading in and out when you use headphones, it could be your headphone jack. If you have tested your headphones with other devices to make sure that they are working properly, then the problem is most likely in the jack. However, there are some simple things that you can to try to solve the problem before seeking repair.

Mend Moto G5 Headphone Jack Problems

At Smart Repair, we can fix any issues that affect the functionality of your headphone jack, like missing sound, sound coming from just one earpiece, or artifacts during playback like static or crackling audio. We can also fix physical damage to the jack, like bending, breaks, or if something is stuck inside the jack.

Check the settings on your computer or device. You might just need to update a driver or adjust the volume. Sometimes a device will automatically mute the volume when headphones are plugged in or removed. You should also check the connection by removing the headphones and re-inserting them. They might just be improperly inserted. Finally, try restarting the device to see if it solves the problem.

Repairing Your Moto G5 Headphone Jack

If you are not able to get your headphone jack working with cleaning or other troubleshooting methods, the experienced technicians at Smart Repair can help you fix the problem quickly. We offer same day walk-in repairs. You can often have your device repaired on-site while you wait. To get best price on repairing your headphone jack, fill the device type, Brand and model details and find the smartrepair approved stores in your surroundings.