Moto E4 4th Gen Button Replacement Services

When you?re in need of fast, professional Moto E4 4th Gen Button replacement, rely on Smart Repair. Apart from the screen, the Moto E4 4th Gen Button is the most utilized element of the device, hence proper function is essential.

Moto E4 4th Gen Button Not Working?

Is your Moto E4 4th Gen Button sticking, lagging or just plain unresponsive? These are common problems that many Moto E4 4th Gen users run into. If your Moto E4 4th Gen warranty has expired, it may be time to visit the professionals at Smart Repair.

Troubleshooting & Replacement Moto E4 4th Gen Button

Before you bring your Moto E4 4th Gen and its broken Button to a professional technician, here are a few troubleshooting tips to try:

Clean the Button

Dirt or sticky substances on or around the Moto E4 4th Gen Button could be the cause of your problems. Try using rubbing alcohol and a tissue or cotton swab to wipe on and around the Button.

Calibrate the Button

Open any app that has come pre-installed on your Moto E4 4th Gen.

Simultaneously, press and hold the Power button until ?slide to power off? appears.

Release the power button, and then press and hold the Button until ?slide to power off? vanishes.

Enable On-Screen Button

If calibrating your Button fails, then enabling your on-screen Button is your next priority.

Simply go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch > Toggle On

Let us Replacement Your Moto E4 4th Gen Button Today

Sometimes even the most valiant troubleshooting attempts don?t produce results. If you find yourself at a loss, bring your device to Smart Repair. Our experienced technicians are happy to perform a fast Moto E4 4th Gen Button Replacement!

How much does it cost, you ask? Smart Repair will give a free, no-commitment Moto E4 4th Gen replacement estimate before we start any work. Find a Smart Repair approved store near you today!